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Property investors will agree that a well-managed property portfolio is critical to its success and strong performance. From smart management of tenants and rental income, to the correct approach to gearing the portfolio, as well as the assessment of the broader market place to ensure the portfolio is positioned for long term capital appreciation.

LucreVest understands that the reality for most investors is that they simply do not have the time or resources to ensure that their portfolio is performing optimally.

Truthfully, most investors would admit that if their investment policies with big insurance companies were managed like their personal property portfolio, they would not be happy.

LucreVest’s tailored offerings built for the established property investor:

Portfolio Creation

Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio Management

Individuals looking to get into the investment property space do not have the resources to make informed decisions, opening them up to a field of risk. On top of this, while many individuals have the means to invest in property, they may not want to service a bond or manage a tenant.

When you take the administration out of the equation, and focus on the potential capital upside, property becomes a very attractive option when assessing where to direct your funds.

LucreVest has built a mechanism that harnesses the large investment power that exists in pooling the resources of investors to create exceptional growth, which previously may have been unavailable to investors acting on their own.

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Shared Portfolio Scheme

A Historical View

As at the end of 2014, a view across 5 major asset class returns available for investment paints a telling picture, with equities and property standing out as the star performers. A strong case therefore exists for a well-diversified investment portfolio with exposure to the residential property market.

Source: Financial Markets Journal

Major asset class returns up to end-2014
  • 20 Years
  • 10 Years
  • 5 Years
  • 1 Year

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