Portfolio Management

Whether you own 1 investment property, or 100, all property investors agree that managing your property and tenants can be cumbersome. From a burst geyser on a Sunday morning, to a tenant not paying rent on time, there are many problems that can occur when managing your properties.

LucreVest’s Portfolio Management product has been designed to take the headache of property ownership away, as well as ensure the performance of your portfolio. We handle everything that comes along with owning property and manage it on your behalf.

Services by LucreVest

The management of your properties:

LucreVest serves as the point of contact for the tenant

All maintenance and repair management

Rental collection

Rental insurance (if required, additional cost)

Legal matters pertaining to tenants

Sourcing of new tenants

Credit checks

The management of your portfolio:

Selling of underperforming assets

Acquisition of prime property

Correct gearing in line with investor requirements

Management of agents and lawyers to ensure swift transfer

Signing and processing of all documentation

Preparation and collation of all documentation to be signed by investor

Management of repairs prior to tenants move in date

Ongoing management of the tenant and property if required by investor

Yes, LuvreVest is happy to take over the administrative side of running your portfolio. This means that your portfolio will operate “as is”, with all the hassles handled by LucreVest.

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