Portfolio Optimisation

Many investors simply do not have the time and the resources to ensure that that their portfolio is performing at its peak.

LucreVest understands the constraints on the individual investor. That is why we have designed a mechanism to equip those who have invested in property with the information they need to make smart decisions about their portfolio, as well as the opportunity to allow LucreVest to facilitate the transition of your portfolio into a top performing investment.

Services by LucreVest

Optimisation Consultation

Area evaluation and reporting

Lease agreement assessments and consultation

Rental income evaluation

Full report on changes to maximise portfolio performance

Optimisation Implementation

Selling of underperforming assets

Acquisition of prime property

Correct gearing in line with investor requirements

Management of agents and lawyers to ensure swift transfer

Signing and processing of all documentation

Preparation and collation of all documentation to be signed by investor

Management of repairs prior to tenants move in date

Ongoing management of the tenant and property if required by investor

It means that we advise you on the steps that need to be taken to ensure that your portfolio operates at its peak, and implement the suggested changes on your behalf making it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefit of a healthy portfolio.

We first need to evaluate your current portfolio, so that we can assess how much work would be required to position your portfolio correctly. This is done so that we can remain flexible and ensure that we offer you the best possible deal.

Gearing is essentially the smart use of debt to acquire more assets through financing. By gearing a portfolio an investor can build a larger portfolio that will amount to stronger long term growth through capital appreciation. What this means to you is that with a smartly geared portfolio, you can maximise its performance and returns with limited downside.

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