Shared Portfolio Scheme

The Shared Portfolio Scheme has been designed to cater for those investors looking for the right vehicle to invest a lump sum from R40 000 upward over the medium to long term.

The Share Portfolio Scheme is a Property Consortium that groups multiple investors together into one property portfolio. This is done to increase each individuals buying power, accessing higher returns for everyone. LucreVest manages the portfolio, which is then geared for growth over the medium to long term.

How It Works

LucreVest purchases a property and registers the property under a new company. The company that holds the property is now called the Property Consortium

This Property Consortium is then made available for individuals to invest into

Individuals then invest their funds into the Property Consortium which is already generating as income

Once the investor has invested their capital, they become a shareholder of the Property Consortium, providing them with investment security

LucreVest retains a share in, as well as Directorship of the portfolio and manages it on behalf of the investors

Investors never have to sign surety or cumbersome documentation

The rental income from the first property is accumulated, and used as a deposit for the next property, using the first property as security (this is known as Gearing)

This gearing cycle continues, allowing LucreVest to grow initial investments exponentially over time

When the market is right for selling property, the assets and sold and the returns are paid out to the investors. This is expected to take place between year 8 and 10

Growth begins immediately. Because you are investing into a property portfolio that is already running, your returns start accruing from day one.

We understand that situations can change, and that you may need access to your money unexpectedly. All investors are able to exit from their investment at any time, and will be paid out fairly and in accordance with the exit clauses in their investment contract.

Without investor protection, we cannot survive as a business. That is why as an investor, you hold actual shares in the property company, giving you the authority to hold management of the company accountable. This also means that should LucreVest shut down its operation, you will still own your shares of a going concern.

Much like the stock exchange, you will be investing in an active market place driven by many external factors. As such, LucreVest focuses on making smart investment decisions to put our investors in the strongest possible position for growth, but LucreVest cannot fully guarantee the market performance.

This means that your returns will be in line or better than standard market returns

LucreVest fully insures our rental exposure. In the case of a property becoming vacant, your portfolio’s performance will not suffer.

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